Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Worcester River Plate Severn Team Index


The Worcester River Plate Severn Table Football Club plays host to some of the most exciting teams currently gracing table football pitches. Below is a profile on each club in our league. Most of these teams are hand painted and some by the master craftsman Paul Shearman of Hattrick Subbuteo fame.

We favour the new Stefan Corda 2K4 figures on the Raptor bases. These are fantastic products and bring a new dimension to the wonderful world of subbuteo.

Our Team profiles begin with the BOZWARD BUSBY'S

The team formed in November 2005 and was hand painted by Tim Lovell (player/manager). Games Workshop paints were used and their detail was based on the designs of Paul Shearman. The unusual kit was intentional. "I wanted a strip that would stand out. I looked at German league team strips for inspiration and eventually came up with this final design." The Bozward Busby's home stadium is "The Hallowed Red Turf" a pitch made from the finest pool baze.

Our League home team are Worcester River Plate Severn TFC

The Worcester River Plate Severn are player/managed by the mighty Paul Shearman. Paul is a legend in the world of subbuteo, he runs Hattrick Subbuteo offering first class bespoke hand painted teams. these much sort after, limited edition works of art are sold worldwide to some of the finest collectors. Paul, or "Sherminator" as he is known around the Hallowed red turf, has been playing for years and is our celebrity club member. As you would expect Paul painted the Worcester River Plate Severn team. His website can be found at the following link.


This team are player/managed by Ken Holloway. Ken is an enthusiast that has recently come out of subbuteo retirement. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks... well think again, this past master plays exhibition table top football. His 1970's Norman Hunter crunching tackles are the toast of St Johns! His team are painted by Paul Shearman of Hattrick Subbuteo and are a detailed replica of the current Tottenham Hotspur strip. This is Ken's first competative subbuteo for many years and he is looking good for the rest.

Hereford Herzegovina TFC

One of our most talented players is Richard Bridges. His Hereford Herzegovina side play the beautiful miniature game with European panache.

Richard was an avid collector of unusual teams through the 1970's and 1980's. Some of his rare teams have gone to international collectors around the world. Richard favours the bases of the more traditional players, using them to curl the player and outwit defensive flicks. He currently uses a new team produced in Italy. They play in the traditional Hereford United colours.

Juniors Gunners TFC

The Junior Gunners are managed by club youngster Joe Lovell. His love of all things Arsenal led him on a quest to discover an unusual team strip that would suitably grace his first ever competitive table football team.

This super strip is an acurate reproduction of Argentinian domestic club team Arsenal De Sarandi. Founded in 1957 and named after their North London Hero's they play in a league dominated by River Plate and Boca Juniors.

Joe, although new to the world of table football, has embraced the game wholeheartedly. His defensive play is the envy of other club members and his confidence grows weekly as he begins to convert deadly attacking moves. Joe's love of this beautiful miniature game has even inspired school friends to play!

EXHIBITION and non competitive club teams

"Dramatic Athletic TFC"

This remarkable team are based on the worst ever club to play competative football. The real Dramatic Athletic played between 1983 and 1985 in Chichester, West Sussex in the Techincal College six-a-side inter department tournaments. Generally they were thrashed by the "Builders Course FC", "The Plumbers" and even "The Nursery Nurses". Today their surviving team captain has rekindled their infamous history in this superb miniature edition. He hopes that they may be a little more successful than the real team was... dream on!!!

The Stefan Corda figures are hand painted and placed upon the new G2F Stefan Corda base.(everything that could possibly be done to improve the history of this team has now been done!)

Real Betis

Winners of the 2005 Worcester River Plate Severn Christmas Cup Challenge. Painted by devotee Paul Shearman, this strip has attracted much interest from players around the world as they stole the show in the first ever full length subbuteo match to be broadcast on the internet.

In just a week over 1000 around the world tuned in to watch them lift the trophy and their cup triumph continues to draw in crowds on a daily basis. Betis promise to return to the hallowed red turf to defend their title as cup champions later in the year!